JavaScript Site Elite (6-10 Developers/Users)

The Site ELITE License is perfect for an established EDI team who plan to build EDI applications internally within a single location using RDPCrystal EDI Library

It includes EDI components

  1. EDI Validator
  2. EDI File Loader
  3. EDI File Joiner
  4. EDI File Splitter
  5. EDI Lightweight Document
  6. EDI Rules Reader
  7. EDI Rules Creator Studio
  8. Ack997Generator
  9. Ack999Generator
  10. EDI File Scrubber
  11. RDPScript EDI Language

UNLIMITED Technical Support for (1) year
UNLIMITED Component Updates for (1) year
UNLIMITED Component Fixes for (1) year
UNLIMITED Any new components added to the EDI Library